In a world that is focused on physical appearance, materialism , & personal success we ALL face the challenges of combating the lies our culture feeds us and the cravings it builds within us. When people question your Worth, Value & Importance because you don’t fit into their ideals , remember that God gave up everything to bring you new life!!! God says that our identity can only come from our position as HIS children …we have inherit value because he adopted us & brought us into his royal family! Remember we are daughters of the King & we have value because God says we do! He loves us so much that he sent Jesus, his only son, to die for us so that we could be with HIM forever.


I’m Worth It Mission

The IWI mission is to impact the lives of young girls ranging from age 12-25. Our annual conference was created to help girls realize their self worth by providing living testimonies that raise their level of awareness, so that they can walk confidently into their destiny, and break generational curses!

Princess in training – P.I.T.

Each year, during the conference we have a special session for girls ages 4-11 called P.I.T. We believe that confidence is built at an early age, from the inside out. During this session participants, sing, dance, hear a biblical lesson, create arts & crafts, have fun, and play games! We believe that this session is vital to teaching them to love themselves and to know that God loves them as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What Is the Purpose /Goal of the conference ?
To provide Living Testimonies that raise young girls level of awareness, propel them into their destiny, and break generational curses.
2.) What makes this conference stand out from other conferences ?
IWI is geared and designed for young girls & young ladies ONLY. We focus on the issues that they are currently facing such as: low self esteem, bullying, wellness & health, confidence, substance abuse, abstinence, self-value, and peer pressure.
3.) What can attendees expect ?
Purity Vow Ceremony – Fashion Show – Games & Prizes – Surprise Makeover – Life Changing Testimonies
4.) What are some of the topics discussed at previous conferences?
Self Esteem – Teenage Pregnancy – Social Media – Drugs – Nutrition – Fear – Integrity – Suicide – Etiquette – Bullying – Sex Trafficking – Depression – Purity
5.) How was the conference conceived?
This conference was birthed through a song by Bishop Darrell Hines, “Worth In Me”, which stirred up a desire to interject true identity in every young woman’s life that we encounter!
6.) What will the attendees take away from the conference?
Affirmation – Confirmation – Liberation – Inspiration – Forgiveness – Self Worth
8.) Who’s your target audience and how many years has the conference been in existence?
We aim to target ages (12 – 25) and we have a special session for girls ages 4-11 called “Princess In Training” (P.I.T.). The conference has been held every year, since 2013.
9.) How many young ladies attend the conference?
Over 230 people attend the conference and the number continues to grow every year
10.) Who makes up the “I’m Worth It” team ?
A Group of Amazing Young Ladies from various churches & organizations through out the city. Also friends & family that have partnered with us and believe in the IWI Vision.
11.) How do you keep the young ladies engaged ?
We have a plethora of Exciting, Fun, Relevant & Spiritual Surprises throughout the day that appeal to young people and keep them on their toes!
12.) What makes this conference unique?
It’s Tailor Made Every Year with a different theme and set of speakers to address current issues in society. Also, we have a relaxed pressure free atmosphere which allows them to meet others young girls who are experiencing similar problems. They learn that they are not alone in their dilemma/issue and this can help them receive Gods Love!
13.) What direction & expectations do you have for the conference in the future?
We want to reach as many young ladies, as possible. We want them to be a positive influence in this world so that they can effect everything and everyone that they come in contact with.
14.) Why is IWI Important?
Young people need to be informed of their true identity in order to NOT define themselves by physical appearance , materialism or social media. We can establish and accomplish this early on so they have a better start. If they mess up they know its not a death sentence – they have the tools to get up & start again! God has something big for them and there’s nothing that can stop them from fulfilling their destiny. We believe that the young ladies who attend this conference will experience a new awakening of purpose, by understanding that what they are called and predestined to do is absolutely life changing and uniquely designed by God !!!
15.) What keeps attendees coming back every year?
The Testimonies of Transparent Speakers – Relevant Topics – Special Guests -Various Activities –
16.) What should I wear to the conference?
Feel free to come in casual/comfortable clothes. We recommend jeans and a t-shirt….that way you can slip on your IWI conference shirt after checking in at the registration table.